Cleaning And Janitorial


CODE: J1107

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Concentrated thick bleach with detergent. Effective against a wide range of germs.


CODE: J1108

Ideal for general disinfecting of floors walls and drains. Effective against e.coli and staph aureus. Effective against a wide range of micro organisms.... More

Hard Surface Cleaner

CODE: J2174

Good value bactericidal hard surface cleaner for all surfaces. Cleans effectively and sanitises.

Toilet & Washroom Cleaner

CODE: J2111

Suitable for removing general soiling from all toilet and washroom surfaces.

Shower Gel (Pack of 12)

CODE: J2160

A classic fragranced shower gel in a pH balanced formula, to cleanse and condition your hair and body.

Disposable Shower Towels

CODE: J2146

Individually folded. Strong, soft and highly absorbent. 750mm x 1200mm

Tak Rags

CODE: J1142

One light wipe with a tak rag removes all particles of dust and fluff, and leaves you with a clean surface ready for coating. Specifically formulated to be... More

Mixed Rags

CODE: J1173

Top quality assorted mixed rags and cloths.

Jumbo Sponges (Pack of 10)

CODE: J2172

A highly absorbent range of sponges ideal for hand washing and upholstery cleaning.

Soft / Stiff 24” Broom complete with Handle

CODE: J1201/J1149

Soft / Stiff 24” Broom complete with Handle