Protective Clothing

Type 5/6 Coveralls

CODE: W1000

Tear resistant material which offers protection against asbestos, paint spraying and general maintenance, zip fronted.

Poly Cotton Boiler Suit


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A sturdy boiler suit made from a polyester cotton mix. Hard wearing.

Disposable Underwear Sets (Vest, Boxers, Socks & Boots) Pack 100

CODE: W1606

Vest, Boxers, Socks & Boots, non woven 40g m2 polypropylene. One Size Supplied in packs of 100

Safety Goggles

CODE: W9050

These safety goggles incorporate a lightweight frame with direct ventilation and a one piece polycarbonate lens to offer a comfortable yet highly protective... More

Tur Muff Ear Defenders

CODE: W9012

Can be worn for long periods without any discomfort. Defend against hazardous noises, but allow the wearer to hear conversation and warning signals. More