Sabre Phantom

Sabre Phantom Vision Full Kit

CODE: I5030

The all new Phantom Vision has been designed and developed to combine proven modern technology with increased wearer acceptance, representing a major... More

Sabre Phantom PF251/2 M3PSL High Efficiency Particle Filters.

CODE: W9101

Solid and liquid particulates (dusts, fibres, mists, fumes, bacteria and virus).

Sabre Phantom Battery Charger 220-240V Green

CODE: I5125

Sabre Phantom Battery Charger 220-240V Green

Sabre Phantom PHPF Pre Filters (Pack of 20)

CODE: W9151

Supplied in packs of 20

Sabre Phantom Visors

CODE: I5032

Visor suitable for Sabre Phantom and Gemini, lightweight, easy to clean and anti-mist.

Sabre Phantom Battery

CODE: I5056

Sabre Phantom Battery