Speed Cubes And Asbetents

Lightweight, durable and re-usable aluminium frame and white polythene ‘skins’ (approx 175 microns).

The skin is designed to maintain privacy whilst allowing light to penetrate.

The airlock system is erected and dismantled in minutes, and can be performed by a single man alone. It requires no extra support to keep them standing.

The ‘skin’ comes with pre-cut internal doorways and door flaps, and personnel on site decide where to locate the entry/exit doorways and can be used in a variety of situations and ways.

Standard 900mm Frame

CODE: H1013


NEW 1mtr Frame

CODE: H1037


Speed Cube 1mtr

CODE: H1046


Extendable Speed Cube 600mm - 1mtr

CODE: H1071


Speed Cube 600mm

CODE: H1070


Standard 900mm Skins

CODE: H1012


NEW 1mtr Skins

CODE: H1036