Epoxyset 112 thixotropic 3kg


Price: £146.58

Price each, minimum quantity for "Epoxyset 112 thixotropic 3kg" is 1.


Two-part epoxy resin mortar for use as an adhesive in industrial and domestic bonding and bedding applications. Ideal for bedding stone and concrete lintels, stone mullions, ceramic and stone tiles. Pack includes finishing solvent and gloves. Can be coloured with powdered pigments and dyes.

  • Sticks best to Brick, Stone, Concrete, Metals.
  • High Temperature Resistance.
  • Best for resistance to most chemicals.
  • Exterior & interior use.
  • High Water & Rain Resistance.
  • 0.36m² - Approximate coverage in sq. metres for every 1 Litre or 1 Kilo of product. (at 3mm depth) PLEASE NOTE: Coverage is always variable dependent upon surface conditions, porosity of surface and amount of product applied.